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European Tradition 
Dressage & Equitation

"Working with Camilla you immediately feel at ease with her cool and calm demeanor. ...When she teaches, she finds the exact words that just click and provide positive results.

Happy Horses

are the Trademark of Galavant Equestrian 

A native of Sweden, Camilla grew up earning an education in both jumping and dressage, while developing her expertise in training and equine management. Camilla's attention to detail and standard of care are exceptional.


Many clients depend on Camilla to:

  • Plan a comprehensive training program

  • Help develop and achieve their individual goals

  • Provide a positive competitive partnership

  • Manage the horse's program and care

  • Structure a healthy diet

  • Ensure correct shoeing

  • Help select an appropriate horse for the future

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"I think I'm genetically a horse person. My great-grandfather was my hero; He was a true horse whisperer. He had Swedish Ardenner Draft horses his whole life, that he used for all the farm work and in the winter to collect the lumber from the forest. He passed away when I was 12, he was 95.. My grandmother told me stories about people bringing him troubled horses
to train and he was asked to come and 'fix' horses.


My Uncle carried on the workhorse tradition on his farm. Also my farther rode as a kid. He was thought to ride by a military cadet at a riding school in southern Sweden. He would take me riding on the draft horses. They were not broke to ride but they were kind and we hung on…"

Wellington, Florida​310.924.1220

"When you train with Camilla, you can trust that your horse’s care and wellbeing will be meticulously attended.


Her professionalism, devotion, and attention to detail mean that nothing gets by her!


With everything she does, it is apparent that Camilla LOVES the horses.”

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